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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Friday, 23 December 2011

My Sadness ;'(

( kalau tak jawab dosa , kalau jawab sayang ) Hey guys . Sedih gila sekarang ni . My result is bad ! Really really sad ;'( I have no idea why my result became like that ? WTF --' I just got 1A and 6B 1C ! hahh ? Like stupid chipmunks . I think I can get 4A or more .. But , I just .. ahh ! I don't want talk about this more . I really regret all this . why all this happen to me ? why me ? why ... During exam , I study hard , I pray .. but ! why this happen to me ? Why I get this as reward for everything that I have done ? why ?!? No one can understand me what I'm feel , everyone keep blaming me ? why me .. why me .. If I knew all this will happen to me , I wish Mom don't have to take care of me went I was baby . Mom should kill me yeahh . Hate all of this , but . went I in problem . God always sent a gift to me . God sent He to cheer my life . Thankful to God . He always made my life light up ! cheers my life , give good advice , talk with me .. share my problem .. and , when He still school with me . He always make my day full of laughtnes . And he never let me down , never let me cry and sad . He always with me ;') Thankful to God again because give me a like he , yes ! He the one that I really trust and love . As freind ;)
Hey Peeps ! Thank Reading !

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