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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Get spirit :')

( Macam biasa la guy . Kalau tak jawab dosa , kalau jawab sayang )

Hey guyy ! This time , I got my spirit back ! But I'm so not ' old Damia ' lagi . Just half XD hhehe . Heheyy
now I can smile again :) With everyone leading ! I became ME again ... Yeahh ! This is'nt totally me , but I'm back for
a moment .

Give me the chance to love
I'll tell you the only reason why
Cause you are on my mind
I want to know you feel it
What do you see when you close your eyes
Cause you are on my mind

This song make me more glowing . And I realize , life must go on even though we hate to walk through this time . But we
must go on . Thank for everyone that have give me same advice and spirit . Thanks a lot for helping me back :) Really
apprieciate . I going to new life , New years and New Damia :) Thanks for everything , especially He .

Hey Peeps ! Thank Reading !

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